Fall rise fall 2020

Creations from and about the precarious

Collective exhibition
From February 28 to March 5

With the Fall Rise Fall exhibition, we aim to open a space for dialogue and reflection around a theme that is currently present in our lives: precariousness. We understand it as the instability that makes us vulnerable and defenseless. This discourse is articulated under the gaze of multiple artists who present their works addressing different points of view such as the labor, social, personal or housing crisis. At the same time, the need to unite and rethink our position against it is manifested. We also see it as a turning point in which we must stand up against it as a collective.

The exhibition was created thanks to a collaboration between students from the Master of Contemporary, Technological and Performative Art at the UPV / EHU and the Prekariart research group, made up of professors, researchers and artists without academic affiliation.

It should be noted that the artists are also the curators of the exhibition and that the work done has been carried out being aware of the obstacles involved in recognizing oneself as an artist, as well as the difficulties of wanting to organize an exhibition with the minimum budget. That is why Fall Rise Fall is conceived as a space by and for emerging artists.

The title of the exhibition defines very precisely what the loop of precariousness means for us: falling, getting up, falling. There is always a new hope for a better job, for a better resume, for a better life, but the falls and ups and downs we have been experiencing since the beginning of the crisis weigh more heavily on us than the triumphs. And unfortunately, this loop seems to have become a permanent state in our lives, with all the instability and vulnerability that comes with it.

Faced with this panorama that forces us to act and constantly adapt to meet expectations that we will never reach, we appeal to the search for collective resistance: that there will be a rise again after the failure. In this way we see the need to create networks among us to vindicate our right to have a livable life and close the vicious circle of precariousness.


Friday, February 28
18:00 Opening
18:30 Performance “Persistence”
19:00 Fight and performance by HORRORXVACUI