Hey Baby. Producciones low-fi. Box 27. Azucena Vieites

Hey Baby. Producciones low-fi. Box 27. Azucena Vieites

Hey Baby. Producciones low-fi. Box 27.

Casal Solleric. Palma. 2018.

Azucena Vieites, artist committed to feminism and other countercultural movements of the 20th century to the point of using them even historiographically or meta-artistically in her works, presents a new approach to the work she has been developing since the 1990s, around techniques and low-fi production languages ​​in art, linked to subcultural languages. In this installation he follows the techniques and aesthetics of DIY (Do it yourself) so typical of the punk of the 70s: fast and affordable ways of acting that, thanks to the development of photocopying, screen printing and other immediate reproduction processes, caused a unusual effervescence of aesthetic, political and social ideas in the last decades of the last century, equivalently expanding their presence, effect and visibility within society by being massively distributed outside official channels, through pamphlets and fanzines. These forms and techniques ended up affecting the proper status of the images and were incorporated in various layers into the visual culture that we share today.

The project is completed with a conference, Hey Baby !, in which the artist will synthesize her ideas on the different formulas to use all these elements and techniques from a perspective oriented to the generation or incorporation of feminist thought and gender politics.