Una cosa. Irantzu Sanzo

expo una cosa

Una cosa. Irantzu Sanzo

Una cosa

Date and place: 2013-4-26 to 2013-6-30, Huarte- Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (Navarra)

Produced by: Centro Huarte / Government of Navarra Aid for Creation in Plastic Arts 2012. Gobierno de Navarra.

This exhibition arises from a project that is defined by the different levels inherent in the current artistic process and project, specifically as regards the photographic and sculptural code. Una Cosa is based on the creation of a photographic-sculptural laboratory that functions as a driving force for experimentation and artistic experience. It is presented as a strategy that takes a position and is established as a kind of deferred reflection of the conditions of artistic production. Therefore, the laboratory is a practical system that allows the artist to approach a reflection of her own practice. This way of looking at the production is self-reflective and gives her the opportunity to work the work from within, that is, from its own process, structure and context. As its creator defines it: A thing is a process, an investigation, an adventure, a system and an imaging laboratory. Due to its own characteristics, this project does not aim so much to carry out specific works but, rather, to point out the channels of experimentation. Thus, this work consists of proposing new ways of structuring the image based on research and experimentation in art.